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Do you think harry styles is hot with his long hair?
by Anonymous

Yeah but I don’t know why, it’s annoying.

whats your opinion on the jeffrey campbell hunter chelsea boots? What could i wear with them, like what type of jeans as well?x
by Anonymous

Not the biggest fan of them. But you could wear them with white or light wash jeans? x

Hey I'm the one who asked you about the white sandals and hot day outfit! I didn't see any answer, even on your other blog. Sorry if I'm bothering!
by Anonymous

No problem! I’m sorry it didn’t work.

- denim shirt and lace shorts
- a simple tank, bralette, cut offs
- crochet top and print shorts - crop top and printed maxi skirt

Its Yves saint laurents birthday today. 78 :o!
by Anonymous


Hey I have the balenciaga boots like yours but i never know what to wear with it, do you have any advice
by Anonymous

- loose white blouse thing or any tee, leather skirt
- sweater/hoodie, leather skirt
- biker jacket, plain tee, black jeans
- band tee, ripped medium wash jeans
- black crop top, flannel, boyfriend jeans (not too loose)
- simple slip and shift dresses, all black or all white, nothing too lacy or layered
- flannel, leather skirt or pants
- plain or graphic tee, cut offs, flannel on top
- crop top or sweater, skater skirt

Oh and I loved MK with the fur sweater/coat and skort

What would you wear to a Neighbourhood concert? Thanks :)
by Anonymous

Depends on the weather!
- velvet or normal blazer, band tee, black skinny jeans, ankle boots
- blazer or overcoat, light sweater of tee, cut offs, ankle boots
- any simple dress, ankle boots

Opinion on colored jeans? And if you had to pick a pair which color would you most recommend? Thanks so much!!
by Anonymous

I pretty much stick to black, white, and blue but I would suggest burgundy!

A couple of outfits I can wear with white sandals for a hot day? No rompers or crop tops please:)
by Anonymous

Wait did you ask this on KendallKylieJStyle too? I guess the answer doesn’t really change.

Hi I was just wondering if you knew if Kim and Kanye have had sex yet ?
by Anonymous